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Use of images from the Australian Plant Image Index

The mission of the Australian National Botanic Gardens is to inspire, inform and connect people to the Australian flora. To support this aim, the Botanic Gardens maintains a collection of accurately-documented photographs of Australian plants and their habitats. Photographs of parks and reserves managed by the Australian Government's Department of the Environment are also housed at the Gardens as part of the Photograph Collection. The collection is accessible via the various search options listed on the main Photo Collection page at

There are, however images and illustrations used elsewhere on the web pages on the ANBG/CANBR website that are not part of the ANBG's Photograph Collection. These remain copyright to the photographer or artist and we have no rights to licence their use to third parties.

Reproduction of Images

Licences to reproduce copyright images from the ANBG Collection are issued on the following conditions:

Non-commercial use of low-resolution images downloaded from the Photo Collection area of our website is allowed on condition that the photographer is credited by name, if known, and that the copyright holder is also acknowledged. The source of the image should be listed as the Australian National Botanic Gardens and these words linked to our Photo Collection home page,

For commercial use or non-commercial use requiring high-resolution images see "Requesting Images" below.

Requesting Images

All images are supplied digitally. No film duplicates are now provided. Please email a list of the images that you are interested in reproducing and an outline of how the images will be used to the Photograph Curator at the address below. The list should include the taxon name/s, the photo number/s and the associated URL/s. (For example, for this image the taxon name is Darwinia masonii, the photo number is dig 7900, and the URL is If you are requesting five or more images please complete an image request form (DOCX or PDF formats) and attach it to your email.

The Photograph Curator will use your request list to check the availability of the image/s and any copyright restrictions that may apply. You will then be advised which images are available for your proposed use, what licence conditions would apply, and whether any fees are payable.

Licence Agreements

If you agree to the conditions a licence agreement will be issued by the Photograph Curator for your signature after any payment has been processed.

Our licence agreement states that:

• acknowledgment of the source of the image is to be included in any publication;

• the photographer is to be credited (where listed);

• payment of applicable fees is to be made to the Director of National Parks;

• the Gardens may request one or more copies of any publication in which the photographs appear;

• all images are copyright and must not be duplicated or used in any manner other than indicated on the licence agreement.

Licence Charges

Payment in advance is required before high-resolution images can be supplied.

For Australian orders credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard) are preferred, using the payment form supplied. This can be returned via fax or email. Please note that tax invoices are not routinely issued for licence payments. If a tax invoice is required there will be a delay before this can be issued and the images supplied.

For overseas orders payments can only be made via credit card, using the payment form supplied, and images will only be issued once the payment is fully acquitted.




Commercial use fee

$100.00 per image

  • Licence fee to reproduce image.
  • Applies to all book/magazine publishers, commercial web sites, advertising and other commercial activities.
  • Commercial fees also apply to requests by consultants, unless working for a government or not-for-profit organisation (see note below).

Non-commercial use fee

$25.00 per image

  • Licence fee to reproduce image.
  • Applies to all non-commercial use (e.g. by government, not-for-profit, community and educational groups) that aligns with the mission of the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

( 1 Legal instrument for ANBG fees and charges PDF)


  • Image requests by consultants will generally be considered commercial use. If the consultant is acting for a government or not-for-profit organisation the request may be considered non-commercial if sent directly from the client or confirmed by them in writing or via email.
  • Sound files and line illustrations on the ANBG/CPBR website are treated in the same way as photographs when copyright is held by the ANBG.
  • Some images on the ANBG/CPBR website are used with permission of an external copyright owner for that purpose only.
  • Not all images on the ANBG/CPBR website are available to licence to a third party due to copyright or moral rights conditions.
  • Enquiries

    Please note that we are unable to provide identifications of plants from your photographs. If you would like assistance with plant identification please consider submitting images or preferably specimens via the Plant Enquiry Service.

    Correspondence relating to the images in the collections should be addressed to:

    The Photograph Curator
    Australian National Botanic Gardens
    GPO Box 1777
    Canberra ACT 2601

    Telephone: 02-6250 9529
    Fax: 02-6250 9599

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